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Best Ideas for Birthday Decorations and Decor for Corporate Events: Event Decoration - Electric Dreamz

Best Event Decoration Ideas For Your Events

Are you looking for a an event decoration service for an upcoming event in Singapore?

Here is a video by Electric Dreamz for the 5 steps to creating immersive event environments for you guests.

Event decoration and themed decorations can bring any live event to life and should be included for both social and corporate events including,
  1. Wedding Decorations
  2. Party Decorations
  3. Birthday Decorations
  4. Kids Party Decorations
  5. Corporate Party Decorations
  6. Dinner and Dance Decorations
  7. Product Launch Event Decorations
  8. Business Opening Day Decorations

Event Decoration Singapore - Electric Dreamz

Event Decorations for Events in Singapore

What are the type of decorations you can include for your events?

Professional, skilled and experienced event decorators and event companies use a wide range of items to bring your event to life according to the theme and mood of the event. Event decorators and event companies incorporate your requirements with their ideas from extensive experience in the events industry to create awesome, eye catchy and immersive event environments giving your guests unforgettable experiences and leaving lasting impressions. Here are some event decoration items used:
  • Event Banners and Backdrops
  • Balloon Decorations
  • Event Lighting and Candles
  • Themed Cutouts
  • Party Props and Wedding Props
  • Ceiling, Hanging and Bunting Decorations
  • Table and Chair Decorations
  • Flower Decorations and Landscaping
  • Illuminated Furniture and Props
  • Even Event Confetti Canons!

Event Decorator Singapore - Electric Dreamz

Event Decorator for Events in Singapore


Event banners and event backdrops are the most common and basic items that are added as part of an event decoration. Event banners and event backdrops can be designed according to the party theme or according to the corporate event theme. Designers infuse your ideas and event companies ideas, with their own to create a series of event banner designs and event backdrop designs for selection.

Event Decorations Singapore - Event Backdrop - Electric Dreamz

Event Backdrop for Events in Singapore

Should you include additional event decorations for your event, a professional event decorator is engaged by the event company who, will also provide valuable input to ensure that the event banners and event backdrops fit perfectly with the overall event decoration and layout the event decorator has planned for your event.


Balloon decorations are perfect as birthday decorations and party decorations and for dinner and dance events. Balloon decorations are usually of 2 to 3 colours or shades, depending on the party theme, birthday theme and dinner and dance theme.

Event Decoration Singapore - Balloon Decorations - Electric Dreamz

Balloon Decorations for Events in Singapore

Balloon decorations are not advisable for young kids ages 3 and below and the popping of balloons may cause stress in your kids and even make some cry.

Here is a blog by Electric Dreamz that touches on:

How balloon colours are selected based on different themes?


Event lighting is usually overlooked as a decorative element for events. Event lighting and decorative candles are actually a very useful tool for creating beautiful event environment and aesthetics.

Candle decorations can create a vintage look and are perfect for classic themes.

For example, Edison bulbs and lights are great for a vintage theme event lighting.

Here are some types of event lighting that event decorators use to create awesome and immersive event environments:
  • Pinspot Lighting
  • Projection Lights
  • Gobo Lights
  • Station Lights
  • String Lights
  • Bliss Light or Starry Night Light
Event Decoration - Lighting For Events - Electric Dreamz

Event Lighting Decorations and Rental for Events in Singapore

Here is a blog by Electric Dreamz titled:

Event Decoration - Event Lighting - Event Sound: 3 Key Event Elements For Creating Immersive Event Environments


For an event with a higher event decoration budget, event decorators usually include themed cutouts. These are fabricated foam or wood cutouts placed at suitable chosen areas around the event venue that are bound to attract attention of your guests.

Event Decoration Singapore - Themed Cutouts For Events - Electric Dreamz

Themed Cutouts for Events in Singapore

These are usually life-sized or larger themed cutouts that match the theme of the event, such as cartoon characters for kids parties, camels for an 'Arabian Night' theme or trees with birds for a 'Tropical Garden' theme.

The characters are designed by a professional designer which ensures the cutouts look perfect according to the size requirements.


Party props and wedding props are any items that are rented to be placed around the event venue that add to the event environment aesthetic, theme and mood.

These are usually selected and rented from a event props rental company and can be anything from a beautifully designed entrance-way that can be placed at the event venue entrance for a 'Wow' factor or it can be life-sized 3D characters.

Event Decoration - Party and Wedding Props - Electric Dreamz

Party and Wedding Props Rental for Events in Singapore

Party props and wedding props can also be props that are included for taking fun photos at events!


Professional event decorators and event companies also use a variety of ceiling, hanging and bunting decorations as party decorations, birthday decorations and wedding decorations.

Event Decoration - Ceiling, Hanging and Bunting - Electric Dreamz

Ceiling, Hanging and Bunting Decorations for Events in Singapore

For event venues with low ceilings or for outdoor events with tentage, event decorators, depending on the party, wedding and event theme, can include beautiful ceiling, hanging and bunting decorations for your events.


Event decorators and event companies can also include table and chair decorations for your events. For any event and theme where lunch or dinner has been included for your guests, the tables are where guests will spend most of their time at, as such for these events, it is recommended to include table and chair decorations.

Event Decoration - Table and Chair Decorations - Electric Dreamz

Table and Chair Decorations for Events in Singapore

Depending on the theme, if it is for elegant, classic or a fun theme, the table and chair decorations can be simple, with flower and balloon decorations for tables and theme coloured ribbons for chairs or for a higher budget, the table setup, can include extravagant decorations that incorporates the party, wedding and event theme.


Flower decorations include,
  • Flower Arch Rental
  • Flower Pedestal Rental
  • Table Flower Decors
  • Vase and Flower Decorations
  • Floral Centrepiece Rental

Event Decoration - Flower Decor and Rental - Electric Dreamz

Flower Decorations and Rental for Events in Singapore

These can be with plastic flowers or for a higher budget, with real flowers. Flower arrangements are done by professional decorators and experienced and skilled florists.

Landscaping is usually the rental of potted plants to decorate a specific area or to place around an event stage to beautify the area.


Illuminated tables, chairs and props can be included for events to create beautiful immersive environments. Illuminated tables, chairs and props are perfect for both indoor and outdoor night events.

Event Decoration - Illuminated Furniture Rental - Electric Dreamz

Illuminated Furniture Rental for Events in Singapore

The colours for the illuminated furniture and props can be selected according to the event theme colours as these use battery operated LED lights.

Event Decoration - Illuminated Event Props Rental - Electric Dreamz

Illuminated Event Props Rental for Events in Singapore

Rented illuminated props can even be used to decorate swimming pools for a pool party or entrances to event venues and private houses.


You can also rent confetti cannons to create the 'Wow' factor for your event guests.

Confetti Cannon Rental Singapore - Electric Dreamz

Confetti Cannon Rental for Events in Singapore

These can be activated and timed to go off during special moments during your events.


Electric Dreamz is a reliable and professional one stop quality solution event company in Singapore who work closely with an event partner who is a reliable, professional and experienced event decorator for all live events, including birthday parties, private parties, kids parties, dinner and dance and themed corporate events in Singapore.

Depending on the budget, Electric Dreamz can work with event decoration budgets to produce beautiful and memorable immersive event environments for all live events in Singapore.

The Electric Dreamz team believes in 3 core values and apply these in everything that we do.




Event Company Singapore - Electric Dreamz

Event Company in Singapore - Electric Dreamz

"Turning Dreams Into Reality, Through Innovation and Creativity."

Are you looking for an event company to provide you with an event decoration service in Singapore for an upcoming event?

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Event Decoration Service Singapore - Electric Dreamz

Event Decoration Service - Contact Us - Electric Dreamz

Hope you find this blog informative and useful towards planning for your next event.

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