Friday 27 January 2017

Event Planner: Corporate Events | Electric Dreamz | Singapore


Electric Dreamz is a low cost event company providing reliable event planning service and a one stop quality solution for 'Live' corporate events, MICE events, private parties and birthday parties in Singapore.


Electric Dreamz was incorporated in December 2015. Although a relatively new event company, the Electric Dreamz Team is a group of passionate, experienced and professional locals who have worked in the events industry for years and have proven track records. 

We have worked with government schools to support them with audio visuals for their school events and performances, organised birthday parties and provided logistical and technical support for fashion shows. 

It has been a pleasure being able to participate, organise and support these wonderful people and together, we created amazing experiences. Reference contacts can be provided upon request.


On a personal level, Assif Khan has been in the events industry for more than 14 years, working for established companies and been involved in hundreds of events from grand dinner and dances to international events such as Oktoberfest Singapore and major corporate events such as Asia Pacific Breweries Launch and Roadshow.


The Electric Dreamz team is a group of professional, experienced and passionate individuals who take pride in their work. 

We are a group of individuals with individual strengths, coming together to produce a synergy, to achieve a level of high quality service and productivity in everything that we do. 

We are like-minded passionate individuals who are responsible and meticulous in everything that we do, paying attention to every detail. 

To know more about the Electric Dreamz Team, visit us at


We are an event planner who can provide low cost event planning service and event management service without compromising on quality. We do this through through many ways, including by:
  • engaging experience, professional and passionate local part-timers with proven track records for scheduled events
  • keeping our running costs and overheads low, thereby being able to work with reasonable and low profit margins and rates
  • working with suppliers with proven track records
  • being able to secure low rental rates from our affiliated supplier companies and close contacts in events industry
  • ensuring event equipment is setup according to approved layouts to ensure high quality delivery
  • conducting thorough pre-event testing (2-Step testing process), after setup and prior to event start time by experienced technicians and engineers


Electric Dreamz always goes the extra mile in everything that we do through applying unique and creative ideas to clients' event requirements, producing attractive event proposals to achieve our goals of exceeding client expectations. 

We apply ourselves both efficiently and effectively in everything that we do with integrity, transparency and professionalism to promote long-term mutually beneficial business relationships.

"For Electric Dreamz an event is not just an event, it is a continuous endeavour to exceed expectations and leave lasting impressions."

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