Tuesday 21 February 2017

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3 Awesome Birthday Party Celebration Ideas for Adults in Singapore!

Are you looking for new ideas for birthday parties in Singapore?

Do you have an upcoming birthday party for an adult in Singapore?

Are your planning a surprise party for a family member, a friend or a colleague?

Are you planning to make this birthday party a most memorable one for a loved one?

If your answer is yes for any of the above, then here are 3 birthday party ideas I recommend that will definitely make this special day an even more memorable one.



The first of these birthday party ideas for adult birthday parties is to include a pre-event drama and suspense scene! An example of which is shown in the this blog's video. There a number of dramatic scene ideas that you can include as a pre-event item for the birthday party. In order to make this a success, this birthday party idea requires a level of commitment from family members (acting roles) and external actors, who can either be engaged by you or a professional birthday party planner in Singapore.

Why should you engage a professional birthday party planner?

A professional birthday party planner, through their network in the events industry, will engage models who perfectly suit these roles and provide them with the necessary scripts. These actors will be trained thoroughly to ensure that every detail is understood, the script memorised, leading to a successful, engaging and most memorable birthday party prank. A party planning company will also have a dedicated event coordinator who will plan, oversee and manage the entire process from start to finish, meticulously paying attention to every detail to guarantee an unforgettable prank!

To ensure the success of this birthday party idea, the acting has to be spot on! To pull this off, engaging a professional party planning company in Singapore would be ideal, especially when external actors are required to play important roles and when professional planning, coordination and management is required.

This is a prank that surely will be reminisce about in years to come!



A surprise birthday party is a common birthday party idea, however, pulling of a successful one takes careful and meticulously planning. There are normally many giveaways that can cause this to to turn into a 'Not Surprised At All Birthday Party; or 'Pretend To Be Surprised Birthday Party'!

This would usually happen if the people in-charge of the party are close to the birthday boy or girl, unless it is kept a secret within the birthday party planning group and the birthday party venue is set at a location which will not be a giveaway, as the birthday boy or girl will be especially attentive and sensitive to the behaviourism of those around them on this very special day. They will also be on heighten alertness when they are brought to 'new' places and locations on their birthdays!

What are the recommended
Surprise birthday parties are best done at homes, residences, condominium function halls and at places where the birthday boy or girl frequents or routinely visits. Going to places and locations where the birthday boy or girl frequents, is familiar with or routinely visits will not raise any alarms and would seem like there is nothing special or out of the ordinary going on. Ooh how wrong and surprised they'll be when upon entering, everyone shouts 'Surprise'!

What a party planning company will do to guarantee the perfect surprise birthday party?

Birthday Party Invitations Sent Out Discreetly

An experienced birthday party planner will prepare the birthday party invitations and can assist to send them out to your birthday party guests discreetly. Birthday party video invitations are a great way to go for this purpose as clickable party invitations links are sent to your guests through phone messages or emails. This is an awesome method to use to invite guests for surprise birthday parties as these clickable links are received and viewed through phones or computers on a personal level by those who receive them. These are not invitations that could be accidentally left lying around on tables and by chance viewed by the birthday boy or girl, ruining the surprise!

Professional, Efficient and Fast Birthday Party Setup

A professional party planning company will discreetly move in to the chosen party venue, delivering all birthday party requirements and setup as required. They will coordinate with all external birthday party suppliers on birthday party elements that have been discussed, confirmed and included for the birthday party. Depending on the number of birthday party elements included for the birthday party, this usually takes not more than 2 hours.

Event Transportation Arrangement

A professional party planner can also arrange and provide transportation for your guests. This ensures all guests arrive on time, at the same time and not lead to a situation where groups of guests arrive at different times and worse still, risk being seen by the birthday boy or girl. The coordinator will ensure that the timing is perfect and that the meeting place for the transport pickup is convenient for your invited party guests.



If you enjoy the nightlife in Singapore, then this is the perfect birthday party idea for you. You and your invited family, friends and colleagues will enjoy delicious sit in dinner or have it buffet style, have an disco party with a professional deejay spinning through the night with high-end sound system, dancing on an awesome dance floor lighted up with pro disco lighting managed by an experienced lighting programmer (even better than any club you have been to), wait, hang on, we are not done yet. All this takes place at the perfect party venue that is located 5 minutes walk from Clarke Quay, where you can continue to party into the wee hours of the morning!

To add to this, from this party venue, you have an incredible scenic view of Clarke Quay and the Singapore River! If you are into the night scene and nightlife in Singapore, then this is indeed the best birthday party idea for you is it not?

Are you looking for a professional and experienced birthday party planner for an upcoming birthday party in Singapore?

Electric Dreamz is a professional and experienced birthday party planner in Singapore. Contact us for a non-obligatory discussion or to request for a quote for a birthday party in Singapore.

"For Electric Dreamz, an event is not just an event, it is a continuous endeavour to exceed expectations and leave lasting impressions, always!"

"Turning Dreams Into Reality Through Innovation and Creativity"

There are many unique and exciting adult birthday party ideas out there. Have you ever been to or experienced awesome and memorable parties? Please share your experiences or feel free post any comments.

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