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3 Core Values In The Ideal Event Partner: Event Company in Singapore - Electric Dreamz

Event Company - Corporate Events in Singapore

Looking for an event company for your corporate events?

What are the values to look out for in the ideal event partner?

This is a blog about what I believe makes the ideal event partner for mutually beneficial long-term business relationships and ensuring high quality, successful corporate events, always.

Electric Dreamz is an event company that believes strongly in 3 core values, which are:
  1. Transparency
  2. Integrity
  3. Professionalism

We apply these values in everything that we do as we believe these are values that are the foundations to building strong and long-lasting business relationships between the client and the event company.


Transparency and integrity are two values are related. These values are related as you cannot have transparency without integrity and vice-versa. The building blocks of a true, strong and long-lasting business relationship.

Transparency and integrity allow for openness, without hidden agendas, to work towards a common goal that is not only beneficial to the business but to all, including 3rd parties and in the case of the events industry, the guests, audiences, participants and the society in general too.

Hidden agendas and actions aligned towards selfish and personal gains, may seem to provide success on the short-term but over a longer period of time, exposes its ugly side which then directly affects reputation, both for the company and at a personal level too.

It is very easy to gain short-term success through manipulation and by practising bad business ethics. On the other hand, It is a long hard and trying road to gain success through transparency, integrity and by practising good business ethics in the business world. However, is it not a well known fact that it is always the long and hard road that leads to the ultimate goal and true success?

Transparency and integrity brings about a positive environment not only through business dealings with external companies but within the company itself too.
Staff and employees catch on to the company culture and this in turn makes for happy and conducive work environments which encourage sharing, team work and selflessness, factors that have a direct effect on increased productivity, efficiency and even employee loyalty and retention.

Event Company | Electric Dreamz | Singapore - Principles in Life

On a personal level, practising these values in everything that we do, make us better citizens that also bring positive vibes to anyone we communicate with, building our own reputation along the way as well.

On a personal note, here are some bad situations that I have experienced personally in the events industry:

Event Company - The Hidden Agenda | Electric Dreamz | Singapore

Events Industry Situation One - The Hidden Agenda

Being made to believe that our company was chosen to take part in a fair event bidding process, when all that they actually needed was a 3rd quote as required by their companies and only realised this after hearing it from another company. I submitted very detailed proposals, thinking we had as fair a chance as any.

I believe this happens very often but could only verify this actually definitely happened on two occasions during a 1-year period. This normally happens with clients who already have their dedicated event company who has been serving them for years.

All they actually needed to update me was to request for a quote and let me know that they were only looking for a soft quote to get an indicative idea of our quote for their event requirements, which meant there was no need for an event proposal.

Event Company | Electric Dreamz | Singapore - Manipulation

Events Industry Situation Two - Manipulation

Being made to believe that the client does not want to work with their existing event company anymore and at the last minute would like us to rush them our quotation as the event is only in the next week. However, after negotiating and ironing out details (all at the last minute) being told that they have moved on with another event company, which was still not so bad, but then finding out later through another event company that our quote was shown to them to drive their price down further.

This is a common practice with clients who already know who they want to work with or have been working with for a long time and are only finding ways to bring their costs down, using any means necessary.

Event Company | Electric Dreamz | Singapore - Confirmation Discount

Events Industry Situation Three - Confirmation Discount

Being made to believe that our company has won the bid, as the client was already in discussion on the final confirmation discount. This is a discount that will be given when you are confirmed for the job. A day after the discount was given, the client updated me that they will not be appointing our company to plan and manage their event.

Event Company | Electric Dreamz | Singapore - Unfair Additional Costs

Events Industry Situation Four - Unfair Additional Cost

Being made to go down to survey, submit a layout plan and being asked to modify the logo design, which is usually a process after a job has been confirmed, then finally, after all the work was done, being told that they have moved on with another event supplier.

I could list many more, but these are the more common situations that I have personally faced in the events industry.

In conclusion, I have come to understand that more times than not, in the events industry it does not come down to the price and costs, it is usually about who the client wants to work with. The client then works to lower down that event company's price through any means possible, which sometimes means that good business ethics are thrown out of the window.

What is transparency in business and why it matters?

Here is an excellent blog that explains thoroughly the importance of transparency and what are the positives gained from it:
Posted By: Experts Exchange

What is integrity and how it matters in business?

Here is blog by Amy Anderson on:


The culture and environment where we are in plays a very big role in defining who we are and what we become. These are influences that mould us to be who we are.

Event Company | Electric Dreamz | Singapore - Culture & Environment

For example, if we have been in an environment where bad business ethics are openly practised and observed by us, and our believes that are further strengthened by these same peers and mentors who seem to be successful financially, we naturally start believing that there is nothing wrong and that this is indeed the way to success.

Event Company | Electric Dreamz | Singapore - Choosing a Path

This is when life choices play a big part and times when we have to 'step out' and take good look and re-evaluate what principles we would like to follow and adhere to. There is nothing illegal about being selfish and look for personal gains over the demise of others, if this is what you decide.

Event Company | Electric Dreamz | Singapore - Road To Success

This is a personal choice, however, will not bring you ultimate success and will not achieve your company's long-term goals, especially if building a long-term business relationship is your company's ultimate goal.

If you are reading this sentence it probably means you agree with everything that has been discussed and mentioned and, you are most welcome to contact us anytime for any advice you need on any events industry related matter. We will be more than happy to assist in any way we can!


This means skills, competency and what is expected of you as a professional and a representative of your company or your specialised trade. 

Here is a blog by Alison Green on:

What are things that make you a professional?

  • Clear understanding of your work environment and what is expected of you
  • Being pro-active
  • Excellent time-management & being punctual
  • Being flexible & accepting criticism with an open mind
  • Effective & clear communication

Event Company | Electric Dreamz | Singapore - Professionalism


Electric Dreamz is a low cost, professional and reliable one stop quality solution event company in Singapore who can cater to all your corporate event needs.

Contact us for a non-obligatory discussion or for an event services requirement through email at or phone at +65-66839541. Alternatively, please visit our website for more information on our event company.

Are you looking for an event company in Singapore as an event partner for your corporate events?

At Electric Dreamz we are guided by 3 core values which are:


Please feel free to leave your comments and follow us if you have interest in subjects related to the events industry. Thanks for the kind read and have a great week!

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