Monday 20 March 2017

Best Corporate Retreat Ideas: Unique, Fun, Effective Team Building Games & Team Bonding Activities - Electric Dreamz

Are you looking for an corporate retreat package which includes team building games and team bonding activities for your company employees?

How can corporate retreats, team building games and team bonding activities help your company?

Here is a fun video that touches on this in a fun way.

This is a blog on some exciting and unique corporate retreat ideas which can include team building and team bonding too.

What is team building, team bonding and a corporate retreat and how can we bring these together for an all-round immersive package that bonds your employees at an unparalleled level?


Essentially, team building is process where you create a conducive environment to encourage your employees to grow as team and understand the benefits of teamwork through a series of games, which are focused on specific skills sets, personalities and characteristics of participants. Team building involves the process of coming up with customised proposals based on the detailed understanding of the existing environment. This can be achieved through  a variety a ways and costs more. One innovative way and simple way to acquire the knowledge necessary to propose a team building package is through team building survey forms:

Team Building Package | Singapore | Electric Dreamz


Team bonding is an activity where we take this a step further and breakdown any existing barriers and get everyone to come together and generally have good fun. This is also a great way to reward your staff got their good work!

Here is a great blog that goes into more detail on the differences between Team Building & Team Bonding:

Team Building Or Team Bonding?


Corporate retreats are getaways organised for employees or the higher management, which can be for:
  1. Taking a break from the work environment
  2. A getaway which includes team building and team bonding activities
  3. A health and wellness oriented getaway perfect for stressed-out employees
  4. An incentive and reward programme given for good teamwork or when company goals have been achieved for that particular period or year

Here are 2 awesome corporate retreat destinations. These are in Thailand and Indonesia.

Corporate Retreat | Team Building Games, Team Bonding Activities | Electric Dreamz

This corporate retreat location in Thailand is perfect for smaller groups. The ideal place to getaway from all the hustle and bustle of city life!

An excellent option if you are looking to reward your employees with a place to de-stress and re-charge!

Corporate Retreat | Team Building & Team Bonding | Electric Dreamz

This corporate retreat location in Indonesia is ideal for both small groups or large groups of employees. They offer attractive corporate retreat rates. A team building company can organise exciting team building games and offer fun team bonding activities at the beautiful beachfront or through the thick greenery around this hotel.

Here is a sample 'Day 01 Itinerary' to give you an idea on the kind of fun that can be planned for a corporate retreat that includes team building games and team bonding activities, and this is just day one!

Corporate Retreat Singapore: Team Building, Team Bonding | Singapore | Electric Dreamz

It is a perfect location for organising night team building and beach water games too!

What services does a team building company include for a corporate retreat that includes team building and team bonding activities all packaged into an all-around exciting, fun and exhilarating corporate retreat package?

Corporate Retreat - Package | Singapore | Electric Dreamz

The Team

Chief Facilitator - Chief Trainer

A chief facilitator oversees the entire team building event and is in-charge of conducting the prep talks and evaluation debriefings with the assistance of the assistant manager and appointed group facilitators.

Assistant Chief Facilitator

An assistant trainer will assist the chief facilitator to manage groups of participants. For a larger scale team building event where there are group facilitators, he will also coordinate and manage the group facilitators to ensure the team building game and activity is being carried out accordingly.

Group Facilitator - For a group of more than 40

Team building events that have more than 40 participants ideally require additional manpower called the group facilitator who will take charge of a particular assigned group. He will manage, advise and assist them from start to finish. The rule of thumb is that for every 20 more pax, an additional group facilitator is required.

Prep Team - For a group of 100 pax or more

This is a group of event crew who assist with logistics, especially in between team building games where they prepare the area for the next team building activity and clearance. For outdoor team building activities, they come in early to do all the necessary preparatory work, according to the requirements and instructions given to them by the chief facilitator and the assistant chief facilitator.

Corporate Retreat | The Team | Singapore | Electric Dreamz

Logistics & Prep Team

Logistics is a very important aspect of corporate team building and requires meticulous and careful inventory checks especially for big groups. The chief facilitator and managers will plan, manage and instruct and coordinate with the group facilitators and the prep team to ensure everything is in order. The work of keeping inventory and safekeeping of these items will usually be delegated to the prep team members.

Assigned Group Leaders / Group Facilitators

The group facilitators are in-charge of a group of participants and stay engaged with the same group throughout the corporate retreat and trip. They are in-charge of the well-being of every participant in their group including ensuring that everyone has had their meals at the assigned locations and times.

Event Manager

The event manager plans and manages the entire corporate retreat. He works closely with the chief facilitator to ensure he has everything he needs for the team building and team bonding segments. He is also the link between the client, the event company and the chief facilitator. He travels to the corporate retreat location and stays in constant contact and provides live updates where necessary to the client's representative or representatives at the corporate retreat location and to the chief facilitator which ensures everyone is on the same page.

Corporate Retreat Package

Here is an example of what a typical 3-day corporate retreat package which includes team building games and team bonding activities:

Corporate Retreat Package | Singapore | Electric Dreamz

Corporate Team Building & Team Bonding Blogs

Here are our other team building and team bonding blogs:

Team Building Partnerships - Event Companies

We are open to working with other event companies in providing an all-round effective, fun and exciting corporate retreat, team building and team bonding packages. We believe in transparency, integrity and professionalism and can work with event companies who have similar core values too.


Electric Dreamz is a low cost, professional and reliable one stop quality solution event company in Singapore who can cater to all your corporate event needs.

At Electric Dreamz we are guided by 3 core values which are:


Corporate Retreat | Team Building | Team Bonding | Singapore | Electric Dreamz

Please feel free to leave your comments and follow us if you have interest in subjects related to the events industry. Thanks for the kind read and have a great week!

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