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5 Important Things To Acquire Best Quotes For Your Events Needs And Packages: Event Company in Singapore - Electric Dreamz

How to ensure that you get the best possible quote from an event company for your events in Singapore?

Event Company Singapore

Event Company in Singapore

Here some of the things that an event company would need in order for them to provide you with the best quotes possible for your event needs and requirements.
  1. Date, time and duration of event
  2. Event venue information and number of expected guests
  3. Event crew requirements
  4. List of event elements required for the event, if you already know what you need
  5. Event budget


This is important information for any event company as it allows them to ensure availability of the event vendors for your event, as although event companies may have a few choices of event vendors they work with for specific event elements and items, the event services rates that are provided to event companies although lower, may vary according to the vendor chosen.

This includes the availability of audio visual suppliers, AV technicians, event crew, emcees, entertainers and deejays. Furthermore, AV equipment, event crew and manpower and rental of other event equipment and items depend on the number of event days, including rehearsals.

For some event companies, the rental rates and charges for the second day onward get much lesser, sometimes up to 50%-60% of the first day rate.

What happens if you are unable to provide the exact date, time and duration of the event to the event companies from whom you are requesting a quote from?

Usually, an event company that has not been provided this information will not be able to check with any of their vendors if they are available. The event company will then quote based on a higher rate for all event elements to ensure that in the case that when the event date, time and duration information have been made known to them, if their own group of event vendors are unavailable, they will be able to engage other event vendors who, can provide the same quality service but charge a higher rate for them.

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Event Venue information and the number of expected guests is important information to event companies in order for them to be able to submit an attractive quote for your event requirements.

Here is why event venue information is important to an event company:
  1. Understanding of event venue layout, unique rules and regulations.
  2. If there is a need to climb a long flight of stairs for delivery, which requires additional manpower.
  3. If it is an outdoor venue and if provisions have been made to shelter the event equipment including AV equipment from the weather elements.
  4. If there will be high parking charges for parking at the loading and unloading bays.
As for the knowledge of expected number of guests for the event, this information that is especially essential for an event company to understand sound system requirements. Even information like the kind of seating for the guests play a part in the calculation of the exact sound requirements to ensure high quality event sound for your event guests.

Event Companies Singapore - Electric Dreamz

Event Companies in Singapore - Calculation of Sound System Requirements

What happens if an event company is not given this information?

An event company that is not provided the event venue or the expected number of guests information will probably:
  1. Not submit in a quote.
  2. Send in an email reply instead, requesting for the information.
  3. If an event company is only given the number of expected guests information, it might submit in a quotation but it will be much higher as it will not consider the possibility of convenient elevator access for delivery and, it will assume that it is an indoor event venue or if it an outdoor venue, a shelter or tentage has already been arranged to protect event and AV equipment from the weather elements.

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Event companies must be informed of any additional event crew and manpower requirements such as ushers and counter, service staff, photographers and videographers required, if the event elements are all decided by your company.

Event Company Singapore

Event Company in Singapore - Event Crew and Manpower Requirements

If you have provided the event elements requirements list to the event company and are unsure of the number of staff that will be required to ensure a smooth, hassle-free and successful event, provide the event company with the job scopes. Through the understanding of the job scopes, a professional and reliable event company will be able to provide you with expert advice on the event crew and manpower requirements to ensure event success.

What happens if you provided the event element list that you require to the event company but did not update the event company on any additional event crew and manpower requirements?

Fret not. Professional and reliable companies, upon receiving the list of event elements, through their experience, if they receive a request for a particular event element, for example, if you had requested for the rental for event booths, they will ask if the event crew and manpower is to be provided for by the event companies or by your company.

Here is blog by Electric Dreamz titled:
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If you already know what you need for the event, the list of event elements with all necessary details and specifications should be provided to the event company for them to be able to quote accordingly. Most times, there will be a further exchange of emails and phone calls made for more clarifications on the event elements that have been requested in order for the event company to quote their best price.

How is it important to provide detailed specifications to get the best quotes?

An example of how detailed specifications can affect the costs, is when you request for a photo booth for your event. A professional and experienced event manager or account manager handling your request will request to know if you will choose from existing photo booth designs and themes or if you prefer a custom or green-screen photo booth. The cheapest option would be to select from the existing photo booth options, which lowers your overall event package cost.

What if you want the event company to propose and quote based on their idea of the required event elements that will best suit your event theme requirements?

This is where it is important for the event company to be provided with the event budget. If an event company is not provided the list of event items required for your event, the event company will propose an appropriate and attractive list of recommended event elements based on your budget, theme and feasibility.

Here is a video and blog by Electric Dreamz on:
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Here are 3 situations on how an event budget will enable an event company to provide you with attractive and best quotes.

Situation 1
If you provided the event company with the event element list and the event budget:
An event company with the required event elements list and the event budget will be able to negotiate with their event vendors for your event element requirements to meet your event budget or otherwise provide you with the best quotes possible.

Situation 2
If you provided the event company only the event element list without the event budget:
The event company will request for best possible quotes from their event vendors and quote you accordingly.

Situation 3
If the event company is not given the event element list or the event budget:
  1. The event company might not submit a quote.
  2. Request to know the budget if the event company is to propose and suggest the best possible event elements for your event.
  3. Provide you with a list of possible event element options that you may consider to include for your event.

Transparency is important in order for both the client and the event company to work together to produce a high quality event for event guests. If there is limited information shared, this is lack of transparency which is the first sure sign that it may not lead to a productive mutually beneficial business relationship and, as such there is no point in even proceeding any further. This is why as mentioned in the earlier topics, if there is lack of important event information, event companies may not even send an email reply or submit in a quote.

Does the event budget have an effect on the quality of your event?

No. It only provides a direction and allow event companies in Singapore to work within the budget and quote on event elements that are within that budget as costs for event elements can vary substantially. For example, for event entertainment, the event company can choose to include and propose for a local and professional entertainer and for a higher budget, the event company can even consider including an local celebrity or a famous international entertainer for your event.

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Electric Dreamz is a professional and reliable event management company in Singapore providing one stop quality solution for all live events, including social and corporate events.

Why is Electric Dreamz the right choice for providing you with high quality, professional and reliable event management services in Singapore?

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