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How To Guarantee Events Success: Event Management Company in Singapore - Electric Dreamz

Is there a foolproof methodology used by event management companies that can be applied to guarantee successful events?

Nothing is perfect, but the goal for an event management company must always be to achieve a successful event that leaves lasting impressions in everyone.

Here are 7 things that guarantee you event success:
  1. Experienced Event Manager
  2. Clear Understanding Of Clients' Requirements
  3. Right Event Supplier Contacts
  4. Right Event Crew and AV Technician Contacts
  5. Event Element Backup Plans
  6. Pre-Event Testing and Checks
  7. Pre-Event Briefing, Training if necessary

Ideally, you would want to engage a reputable event management company with experienced and professional event managers.

Turnover in the events industry is high and engaging a reputable event management company may not always mean that the assigned event manager has the experience required to guarantee you high quality event management and execution.

As such, it is advisable to always request some background information on the event manager that has been assigned to to plan and manage your events.

Event Management Companies Singapore - Electric Dreamz

Experienced Event Manager - Event Management Companies in Singapore


As a client, you have the firsthand information on what you are looking at to include and a vision for your event. Clear communication of what you want and need to the event management company is essential.

It is great to communicate through phone as it gives you that personal touch and increases the comfort level for both you as a client and the event management company, however, it is always a good idea to also follow-up with an email detailing what has been discussed.

Event Management Company Singapore - Electric Dreamz

Understanding Event Requirements - Event Management Company in Singapore

This ensures that everyone is on the same page and in writing it clarifies even further the details of the discussion and what exactly is required. Should anyone in the email loop not understand what has been indicated, a comfortable avenue to request for further clarification is available.

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Engaging the right event management company also provides you with assurance that the event suppliers, including the audio visual rental companies can provide you with high quality event services and elements.

Here is a recent event by Electric Dreamz, an Event Management Company in Singapore, that was executed perfectly from start to finish by working with reputable and reliable event suppliers.

An experienced event management company has the right contacts to reputable event suppliers with proven track records, that is an important aspect to guarantee successful events from start to finish.

Contrary to the common believe that engaging event management companies to provide a one stop solution to all your event needs will be more expensive, it is actually the opposite. An event management company works closely with affiliated and partner event supplier companies on a long-term basis and give them regular business throughout the year and the event suppliers they work with give them special low rates for their event services and products.

How would engaging an event management company lower your event package cost?

As a package, an event management company would normally calculate based on much lower per event item profit and cost and charge a reasonable overall event planning and management fee which makes the overall cost much lower than what you would get if you directly approach random event supplier companies for quotes.

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Event crew and AV technicians hired for your events also play a big part in guaranteeing successful events.

Event management companies through their extensive experience have the right contacts to event crew and AV technicians with proven track records in the events industry.

Here is a fun explanatory video by Electric Dreamz on this subject:

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An event management company always strives for the perfect execution of events, but sometimes by act of God things may not go as planned.

For example, an entertainer that has been engaged for your event might fall ill and is unable to perform at your event at the last minute. An event manager will have a backup plan ready to call in a last minute replacement who can perform the same set of entertainment or deviate slightly from the original planned entertainment.

Event Management Company | Singapore - Electric Dreamz

Event Backup Plans - Event Management Company in Singapore

Most importantly, the quality of the entertainment, especially to provide a high quality entertainment segment is met and the event flow and programme is not affected.

The reaction time to solve the issue has to done in a calm and productive manner to ensure everything still runs smoothly no matter the unexpected situation that arises.


Pre-event Audio visual equipment testing for lighting, sound and visuals and checks on the event elements acquired and delivered for events is an essential part of any event to ensure it meets all requirements and is of high quality.

Event Management Companies | Singapore - Electric Dreamz

Audio Visual Equipment Testing - Event Management Companies in Singapore

A reliable event management company who engage the right event and audio visual suppliers provide you with an assurance that every event element is setup as required and is exactly as needed. The event management company will ensure quality checks are done on every event element and audio visual testings are carried out in a professional and effective manner which guarantees you an uninterrupted high quality event.

It is always preferred to have a reasonable setup time in order to give the event manager and his assistants sufficient time to oversee all checks and testings.

However, at times event venues may have a limited time allowance for setups due to an earlier event and tight turnover time, as such, having the right event company appointed for your event planning and management service who work with only reliable suppliers with proven track records guarantees that all event elements are of high quality always.


Pre-event briefing is critical to ensure that everyone involved, from the event crew to the audio visual technicians, is on the same page. An event manager from a reliable and professional event management company already knows what is required throughout the event and understand every detail of the planned event programme.

The event manager understands the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved and:

  • disseminates all required specific event information prior to event day to everyone involved
  • ensures that everyone understands what their specific roles and responsibilities are
  • if necessary, conducts training for the event crew for unique event requirements
  • provides an early arrival timing for all involved
  • arrives early for the event to not only ensure proper setup, checks, oversees testings but also to conduct on-site briefings for all involved

Event Management Company - Electric Dreamz

Pre-event Briefing and Training - Event Management Company

This ensures everyone is on the same page and understand clearly what is expected of them throughout the event up to the end of the event and disassembly time.


Electric Dreamz is an event management company in Singapore for reliable and professional one stop quality solution for all live events, including social and corporate events in Singapore.

Why is Electric Dreamz the right choice for providing high quality, professional and reliable event management service in Singapore?

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Singapore Event Management Company - Electric Dreamz

Singapore Event Management Company - Electric Dreamz

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